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Jasmin Jinn


& Vegan


Chair Yoga

I fell in love with Chair Yoga the moment I first saw it demonstrated by Yogini Kaliji, the internationally acclaimed founder of TriYoga, over 35 years ago. The sequences can be adapted for anyone needing the extra support of a chair, or for those on an airplane, at the office, or pregnant. I began teaching Chair Yoga classes at senior centers, hospitals, health clubs, corporations and to private clients in addition to my full schedule of TriYoga Classes.

Chair sequences follow the TriYoga principles of relaxation-in-action, wave-like spinal movements and economy of motion, and develop a smooth, rhythmical breath. The result is greater freedom in the body, improved circulation, increased flow of energy and a calmer mind.

The practice is fun and easy to follow, and suitable for students of all levels. I offer Chair Yoga classes, workshops and teacher trainings.

Vegan Diet


I first became interested in preparing food as a young child. It fascinated me—it was like playtime to be with my mom in the kitchen.

Right after high school, I attended the Cabrillo College Culinary Arts and Hospitality program. In the late '70s i started working for Holzman and Daw Catering.  This brought me to work for 

Patricia's Catering in Belmont, CA, and then eventually I set out on my own, catering for friends. 

I was introduced to plant-based diet in 1983 by Yogini Kaliji, a worldwide vegan pioneer. This changed my life—I shifted to vegan meals right away. What could be better than a plant-based diet full of nutrition, super foods and everything the body needs to be healthy and thrive?

For the past 35 years I have continued to develop my plant-based culinary skills and knowledge. I love to share kitchen tips and vegan recipes, and help anyone improve their health, their diet and their energy through plant-based foods. I have held many food preparation classes and helped to bring vegan meals to TriYoga retreats and events. In 2017 I completed a two-week dessert course and received a certificate from the Mathew Kenny Culinary Academy. I am currently enrolled at Pure Joy Culinary Academy, working toward a Level One Chef Certification.  

Choosing vegan was the best choice I could make for the animals, the planet, and my own health. Thank You Kaliji ~ You are a visionary. 

TriYoga Chair
TriYoga Chair at SoHum
April 2024

"I was so happy to share TriYoga Chair Flows in the beautiful SoHum at the April 2024 Retreat. The class was well attended by teachers and participants, some who were new to the Chair Flow.

I taught an all levels class that included spinal waves, sitting and standing poses, all with some contact to the chair. Chairs can be positioned in various ways to give an overall asana experience. The Chair is not just for sitting in these classes.

There were comments about how relaxing it was, and surprisingly challenging at the same time. The Chair is just another prop, but I love the way it gives extra support and height for certain poses. This allows for even first timers to experience more challenging poses and work on alignments due to this height and stability.

We ended class with Yoga Nidra where one could put their legs on the chair and the back to the ground. It's very relaxing to completely relax the lower back to the mat in this way.

When Kaliji first showed Chair Flows to a group of teachers in Santa Cruz, I was hooked. I continue to teach Chair Flows online and in-person in Laguna Niguel, CA."

2024-02-21_tychair-150 (1).jpg
Vegan Genie at
April 2024

Yogini Kaliji’s TriYoga embodies the Vegan lifestyle…ahimsa/non-harming, in food and in life. Vegan for the Animals, Health, and Environment.

And what a great Flow that *Earth Day* occurred during the retreat. Kaliji’s message for Earth Day?…”Go Vegan”!

Vegan Genie (Jasmin Jinn) once again enlivened our senses with her excellent food. Her two best kitchen helpers, Santoshi and Matanga were an invaluable Team.

On Saturday evening, Jas-Genie prepared an all-time favorite, “Kitchari” with her own adaptation of the recipe, and also salad and pita bread.

Jas-Genie said:

“Kitchari is a thick, red lentil, rice, potato stew with tons of curry, ginger, and chili. Comfy, flavorful, and a great Instant-pot stew. Add a bit of shredded coconut on top. It’s one of my favorite things ever - a plate or bowl of Kitchari.”


Vegan Genie made three out-of-this-world desserts. Two were adaptations of others’ recipes and one was her own recipe.

- Chocolate Mousse by Vegan Genie

- Panna Cotta with Mixed Berries

- Blueberry-Lemon Bars



Eighteen years ago I signed up for TriYoga with Jasmin. I had low expectations because of my fibromyalgia and all the debilitating stuff that goes with it. Surprisingly, I had good results from the stretching exercises. Today I am still doing try-yoga and swear it has helped me attain a much higher level of health. It’s what keeps me going and makes me happy. Thank you, Jasmin.


Joyce Oroz

Following the loss of my husband, a friend invited me to try out Jasmin's TriYoga Chair class. I was understandably tied up in knots, barely able to bend or relax. The gentle stretching and bending combined with chair yoga brought about remarkable changes to my flexibility and health. Jasmin made sure we didn't injure ourselves, and I am grateful to have had her as a teacher!

Sincere thanks,

Tomi Edmiston 

Jasmin cannot be overlooked in any instance due to her complete understanding of who you are and helping you with your ability in doing Yoga.


Santa Cruz, CA

Jasmin Jinn is the greatest Yoga instructor I have ever seen.  Jasmin is considerate of age and personality of her clients.  I can assure you that she is terribly missed here at our facility in Santa Cruz.  It has taken a long time to get used to other, less concerned
Yoga instructors at this time.


“Jasmin has a very special talent for helping people learn to work through the limitations of their bodies.  She understands how to use partial poses to incrementally work up to being able to do the full pose as range of motion increases.  She recognizes and accommodates the special needs of each individual.  We lost a very special teacher when she moved away from our community.”

David and Cyn Baskin

Chaminade Resort

Santa Cruz, CA 

WHEN I went with Kaliji and the TriYoga Family  to Taiwan and China I was mesmerized. 
one of the senior TriYoga teachers, Jasmin,  was teaching the Chair yoga for a full class. 
We did the full flow on the chair, even the standing poses, side warrior, even triangle. 
It was amazing. 
Thank You Kaliji for this gift of TriYoga. 

Certified TriYoga Instructor 

Jasmin's teaching of TriYoga Chair Yoga curriculum revolutionizes the concept of what it means to do yoga from a chair.

 After being introduced to TriYoga Chair by Jasmin, I immediately purchased a dozen chairs to start offering chair classes in our community. 

Her years of experience teaching TriYoga® with chairs has resulted in vast knowledge that will inspire every body, from those who can't reach the floor, to advanced practitioners who are interested in exploring what a new prop can teach the body.

 Thanks, Jasmin, for sharing this amazing program.

Theresa Shay
Certified TriYoga Instructor

TriYoga of Central PA 

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